About Us

Our family-owned business has been providing Perth with IT services for over 20 years. We live and breathe IT, and share that passion with our clients.

  • Sophos Partner
  • Linux & FOSS
  • Microsoft Engineers
  • Apple Certified
  • Members of the Information Technology Professionals Association
  • Members of The Association for Computing Machinery
  • Veeam

Our Story

Honesty, reliability and expertise.

Compfix IT is a family-owned business founded in 2006 by Stuart Peden on the principles of honesty, reliability and expertise.

Stuart’s career has been defined by his lifelong love of computers. As a designer, he spent 10 years working with leading brands across several industries on two continents – carving out a network of interior designers, architects and publishing houses. Stuart held positions with companies such as the Automotive Holdings Group and John Hughes Group, where he was responsible for high-value, high-volume output.

Working closely with an array of skilled creatives, Stuart learned the processes and principles of branding and design, as well as a mastery of industry-standard software such as the Adobe Creative Suite. His skills with a computer expanded and diversified over the course of his decade as a designer, leading him to become the go-to person in his office for IT issues such as monitoring and maintaining the local network.

Before too long, Stuart’s interest in computer science would eclipse his role as a designer to become his sole focus. Wanting to advance his skills, Stuart left London for Perth, where he chose to study Computer And Network Security at Edith Cowan University. This decision would lay the groundwork for what would become the defining chapter of his life.

Over the course of 15 years in the industry, Stuart has become a respected leader in the field of Business IT and, his specialisation, Medical IT. His skills and dedication have led him to work with leading medical institutions such as the prestigious Perth Children’s Hospital and the Seattle Study Club – a collective of doctors committed to advancing medical research.

Earning a reputation for excellence, Compfix IT is bigger now than ever… continuing Stuart’s mission of providing world-class IT solutions while proudly upholding its founding principles of honesty, reliability and expertise.

IT consultancy for the medical community

Applying our trusted skills to the world of healthcare

Few industries are as important to our societal standard of living as healthcare. Compfix IT has a proud history of providing consultation and service to the medical community, from hospitals and clinics, to networks and broader infrastructure.

Stuart has been in medical verticals for 15 years successfully, serving as a consultant to Perth Children’s Hospital, and as a committee member of Perth’s Seattle Study Club – an international network of doctors dedicated to the advancement of medical research.